spirit fox cover

Strong Suit - Aaron


[Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Bass]

"Aaron" is the third album filled to the brim with bangers and positive vibes by the beatmaker/manchild Strong Suit.

Consume twice a day until feverish headthrashing/uncontrollable limb movement becomes regular. Most effective when taken during parties, card game tournaments with the family, babysitting, or casually at home on a weekend.

spirit fox cover

ABSRDST - Show Yourself Spirit Fox


[Hip Hop, IDM, Dreamwave]

No description provided.

assorted women cover

Ricky Brugal - Assorted Women


[Reggaeton, House, Electro, Hardstyle]

From the grooves of an excursion both pensive and celebratory comes Assorted Women: an electronic narrative of the last two years of Ricky Brugal's life. This debut is a varied collection of certified bangers; dancing towards the emotions easiest to run from while condemning stagnation in seven victory anthems. Equal parts pounding and reflective, Ricky Brugal's reintroduction is arsenic in a crunchy candy coating.

[Full download includes bonus video for "Jeems//Jawnz" by radionarcotix, three live 8static performances from 2011-2013 (including an appearance from Mr. Tyson), six alternate covers (including four from glitchee), and two ringtone packs for iPhone and Android platforms featuring every track from "Assorted Women"]

summer in the states cover

Jake Allison x Strong Suit - Summer In The States


[Bass, Juke, Dubstep, Trap, House, Electro]

Jake Allison and Strong Suit join forces to bring you the wildest craziest ride yet. Bending iNanoloop to their will, they've conjured pounding beats and swirling bass leads that just have to be heard to be believed. I recommend fastening your seatbelt and maybe even wearing a mouthguard prior to listening. You've been warned.

albatross cover

tozo - albatross


[Electro, Jungle, Hardstyle, Bass, IDM]

I don't know anything about tozo, other than what I've learned from his Soundcloud page: he lives in Tokyo and he possesses a device capable of running Nanoloop for iOS. But I also know that he is far and away the master of this program, turning out bangers in a wide range of styles, including jungle, hardstyle, bass and IDM. He's already had a couple of remixes featured on Love & Tonic in the past year, one for Jake Allison and one for myself, and I'm very proud to finally be presenting his debut album, which I hope will serve as a clear justification as to why tozo is my go-to artist for the very best of iNanoloop.

Z-Saber and Night Drive Remixed cover

Decktonic & Jake Allison Present Z-Saber & Night Drive Remixed


[House, Skweee, Dubstep, Thrash, Dance]

Nanoloop for iOS/Android has a lot of cool features, but by far the coolest is the "track send" feature. With one tap, you can e-mail a track to another Nanoloop user as raw data and they can import it and remix it just as easily. This is how my first collaboration came about; Jake Allison asked if I wanted to collaborate on a track and in the end we had "Z-Saber." Eventually he suggested I organize a remix EP with all the Nanoloop musicians we could gather and what you have here is the fruits of our collective labor. 12 remixes from 11 different musicians, from all corners of the globe, across a diverse spectrum of styles. I can safely say there's something in here for everyone. Well, everyone that likes music.

Chizzle Dizzle cover

Jake Allison - Chizzle Dizzle


[Bass, Garage, DnB, Dubstep, Leftfield, Chill]

Oklahoma's crown prince of iNanoloop brings us his latest release featuring his signature brand of funky bass-fueled beats. Whether you're chilling with Chizzle Dizzle or swinging around like a dumb kid with Jungle Gymnast, there's a little something for everyone. Oh, and did I forget to mention that he's brought his friends along for the ride? Included are remixes by Decktonic, tozo and bollocks office, and if you'd like to do a remix of your own, just let him know. Thanks for listening.

Stars cover

Decktonic - Stars


[Dubstep, Skweee, House, Electro, Progressive]

A quick note for listeners: you should use a stereo system or headphones that can reproduce the sub-bass spectrum effectively. You've been warned.

Dark Mode cover

Decktonic - Dark Mode


[House, Electro, Dubstep]

"New Jersey-based DJ and producer Christian Montoya (love and tonic records) produces music on the DS-10 that's drier and more exposed, as he programs intricate bass music on the unprocessed Nintendo cart. Christian works as a game designer by day, and channels some of the DS-10's game music and so-called 'chip music' heritage. The results, though, are a perfect marriage of game chip-waveform rawness, nude bass and synth and percussion sounds, and carefully-concocted grooves. For anyone concerned that game systems could hinder moving your butt out of the seat, this album is required listening. It's utterly stripped-bare dance goodness — and it turns out the DS bass sounds fantastic." -- Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music